Thank you for supporting a Manc girls dream!

Hi! I'm Georgina, and I like to draw; Drawgina.

I'm an Ancoats gal, and I love doodling and drawing. As well as being an avid gig-goer (my pals are convinced I'm a ticket tout. I'm not.), I also love our book club 'What the Book'. AND, I'm a self confessed IG addict even though I'm not even good at it. Sad. 


Anyway! After my good friend Antonia asked me to design her e-invite for her thirtieth, and another friend, Dan, asked me to create a logo for his band, I thought 'Well this is fun. Wish I could get paid to do this'. Cue light bulb moment. 

That brings us to now; I've since created a whole bunch of greeting cards, and given I'm in the phase in life where ev-er-y-one is getting married a helluva lot of Wedding Stationery too. Who doesn't love, love?! 

I really hope you find something you love on my site, and if not remember I also do bespoke things too. 

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