the story

Well hello there! Thank you for coming to read a bit about my story!

My name is Georgina and  I like to draw, hence Drawgina. I'm an Ancoats gal, and I love doodling and drawing, and all things creative. As well as being an avid gig-goer (my pals are convinced I'm a ticket tout. I'm not.), I also love our book club 'What the Book' and I'm a self-confessed IG addict, even though I'm not that good at it. Sad. 

Anyway, after my good friend Antonia asked me to design her thirtieth birthday invites, and another friend, Dan, asked me to create a log for his band. I thought 'well this is fun. Wish I could get paid to do this'. Cue light bulb moment. 

With all the extra time lockdown presented, I was finally able to create a website and officially launch Drawgina in April 2020. For a brief time I jumped ships and created Providence Studio ( for high quality wedding stationery), but my heart ached hard for Drawgina, and now both businesses exist simultaneouslyMaybe I'm crazy. Who knows?

So hope you find something you love on this website, and if not well then piss off. ONLY JOKING. If you can't find something for you, please let me know as I love to get stuck into a commissioned piece to create something truly unique.




My values as a human being are incredibly important to me, and therefore it is essential that these also translate into Drawgina.


All portraits and commissions are printed on a high quality bamboo paper, and as these are often purchased as a gift, they are packaged in a way that is meant to be re-purposed and are 100% plastic free. You can read more about this on the Portraits Page. Similarly with the main catalogue of Prints I would like to avoid any mass production, so all prints are limited in run. As a general rule I will only run between 10-20 of each print, and always print on recycled paper.



I love Manchester, and I love Ancoats, and I love supporting local businesses and charities. Drawgina isn't just about throwing out as many prints as possible, it's also about engaging with my local community. I've worked with many local independent brands already, and like to share their products as well as my own to uplift our local economy and spread the love. 


There is a helluva lot of shit in the world right now. In an effort to put some positivity back into it my aim I will have an ongoing selection of Charity Prints.

You can spot them in the main catalogue as they have a banner that says 'charity' and the product description will tell you about which charity it's raising money for.