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Who is Drawgina?

Hiyaaa My name is Georgina, I like drawing hence Drawgina. Based in Ancoats, Manchester and I'm a lover of all things creative.

After years filling note books with doodles and musings I decided to create Drawgina. It's taken a while to get to this point, but I can confidently say I love where I am, I love these prints and I hope you do too.

It's been a wild old ride, a name change, a name change back, some branding updates, and a heck load of admin later, here we are. I'm dead happy with it, especially the Art Club. This will be growing soon and as well as discounts and early access I have some lovely ideas for some casual social art events. So be sure to subscribe and keep your eyes peeled. 

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Core Values

Drawgina core values are very important to me. They go like this; in no particular order: 
Community. Sustainability. Quality. Creativity.All the 'Ity's apparently.

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I'm currently open for collaborations. Small businesses come at me. 
J'adore working with other lovely businesses that share my values and want to put something creative and fabulous into the world. All ideas welcome.