Sasha Gupta: It's a Waste of Glue

Sasha is the Cheeky Zebra Employee of the Month, every month. Except that one time Nan pipped her at the post. Sasha is a funny, rude (in a good way) greeting card mastermind. Top dog of a fantastic family run business. I've watched her business grow exponentially, and find myself cheering her on from a glowing Instagram screen every time I see the postal bags have grown. I'm always sliding into her DM's to share in the laughs about many a weird and wonderful topic. Here is her very on brand answer:

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Cheeky Zebra Employee of the Month

What does art mean to me?

I feel super unqualified to answer this question because I design and sell funny (often rude) greeting cards on the internet. But I also think that's part of the problem. The word itself makes me feel self conscious. I don't consider what I do a form of art because it doest take exceptional skill, I'm not particularly talented and my work's not hard to replicate. But, if I think about the art I enjoy it's all of those things. It's often simple, bold (occasionally crude) and makes me feel things. So, maybe what I do is art after all?! I think it doesn't help that to me 'art' feels like this sophisticated intellectual thing and I feel self conscious to be like 'art's stuff that makes you feel stuff". But, I guess that's my answer and I feel embarrassed about

Cream Greeting Card that reads overall I love you more than I want to strange you hashtag winning
Funny Greeting Card

[how] cliche/basic bitch this is, but art to me is completely subjective. i.e. whatever you classify it to be and whatever meaning you choose to give it. Like if I see two buckets glued together, and my friend think it's art and I think it's a waste of glue, then we're both right.

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