The Ancoats Spirit

I am so excited to announce and share something I've been working on for the past few weeks. If you're familiar with Drawgina, you'll know I freaking love Ancoats and the brilliant community that inhabit this wonderful place. So you can imagine the grin on my face when local rum connoisseurs The Public Spirit asked me to do some design work for them.

Photograph of a bottle of The Public Spirit Rum, and an engraved glass cocktail atop a pink cube with a hand pouring from a cocktail shaker into the glass
The Public Spirit Rum

Due to icy weather, I first met with Naomi over a Zoom call (that is so last season, am I right?!), she ran me through everything The Public Spirit was all about, and as a lover of spiced rum myself, in true pirate style I was well 'on board'. Bad joke?

Not so long ago I likened it to being drunk in the toilets of your favourite bar with a total stranger who is now your bestie and everything they say you respond with an over-excitable YES! (remember those days? No? Me either). It went something like this:

A woman stood on Bengal Street in Ancoats, in the centre of a cobbled road between two large brick warehouse buildings with a bridge overhead, woman is stood sideways wearing a The Public Spirit Tote Bag
Bengal Street

So, we're really into the community vibe - YES!

We'd love to do some charity work - YES!

We'd like to give a % from the print to a local charity - YES!

We really care about mental health - YES!

We want the product to be an experience for the consumer - YES!

I could go on, but I'm quite sure you get the picture.

Anyway, we've been working hard, and I'm so excited to share the final products with you. There are two things; one is my contribution to their partnership with two fabulous brands Allpress, and Mr Black, and the other an exclusive poster. Check out their website to see exactly what it is they've produced, and the gorgeous serve sheet it comes with (if I do say so myself), and bag yourself an Espresso Martini Kit whilst you're at it!

George x

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