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Well, the launch back into Drawgina is official. It's been a tough decision mentally, not least because going in one direction and having to accept that it didn't work feels like a failure. After much reflection I can honestly say that I've gained more than I've lost. If you're new to Drawgina I'll tell you: It all started in April 2020 as Drawgina, and after months of planning I rebranded to Providence Studio. The main driver behind this was so that I could be more sustainable, but it was costing A LOT, so I felt I needed to be a bit boujier. I figured if you have to pay a premium for sustainability people are going to want to feel like they're getting something fancier. Trouble is, I ain't that fancy. So I've spent even more time researching and trying to find a practical and affordable way to stay true to myself and my own style without compromising the planet.

So here we are. Back at Drawgina exactly one year later. It's been a ride. Starting a small business is not for the fainthearted; there have been serious highs and mind boggling lows, but all in all I am thrilled and proud to re-introduce Drawgina.

The new shop will present prints from recycled paper, and commissions and portraits on bamboo paper. I've also got some exciting new products in the works too, including tote bags, coasters, and more, but for now I'll keep you guessing; but I promise it will be good!

I hope you're as excited as I am, and as a reward for 1. Clicking onto the blog, and 2. Reading all the way to the end, you can get 10% off your first order using code BLOGBABE.

From an ever-thankful,

Drawgina x

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